• Carpets


The challenge that most carpet art enthusiasts always face is how to combine machine-made carpet learning with the originality of hand-woven carpets. And basically, how can you find more companions on a trip home with pure designs?
For three decades, the Kashmir brand has entered the field of action to answer these questions and solve such concerns, and has produced machine-made carpets based on original and Iranian designs by using prominent handmade carpet designers. Using popular handmade carpet designs, variety in Role and color, standard quality and reasonable price are among the features that have been considered in the production of such products.
Due to the professional requirements and the need to have specialized and marketing capabilities, "Kashmir" is currently the only active brand in the production and supply of machine-made carpets based on classic and handmade designs. We hope that the increasing success of this collection will increase motivation and The ability of other brands to develop such products is in line with the art landscape of the carpet industry.